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The Meissner
Family Line








John Quinn
B:  1819
Galway, Ireland
W: Mary MacGeaugh
B: 1824

Garston, Liverpool, England





Charles John Quinn

B: 06 Nov 1849

Garston, Liverpool, England
M: 24 ot 1880

Chicago, Ill

D: 1919

Chicago, Ill

W: Mary Jeffers

B: 1858

Inishgart, Ct. Mayo, Ireland

D: 1943

Chicago, Ill















William Martin Quinn

B: 21 Aug 1889

Chicago, Ill

D:  28 Dec 1969

Evanston, Ill

W: Helen Coffey

B: Chicago, Ill
























James Edward Quinn

B: 27 Apr 1927

M: 01 Oct 1955

D: 02 Feb 2013

Sun Lakes, AZ

W: Maureen Joan Sammon
B: 02 Dec 1931

River Forest, Ill

























































































Howard (Bud) Sammon

B: 31 Aug 1897

Bayard, IA

M: 01 Sep 1924

Chicago, Ill

D: 26 Feb 1965

Palm Desert, CA

W: Marion Ruth Haggerty
B: 05 Mar 1902

Chicago, Ill

D: 18 Nov 1995
Lake Forest, Ill






































































Patricia Anne Sammon
B: 31 Jul 1925
River Forest, Ill

M: 05 Sep 1949

River Forest, Ill

D: 20 Mar 1982
Aptos, CA

H: Walter Barber LaBerge
B: 29 Mar 1924

Chicago, Ill

D: 16 Jul 2004
Aptos, CA







Philip Charles LaBerge

B: 2 Sept 1957

Palo Alto, California

W: Lois Elaine Foster

B: 23 June 1959

Midland, TX



























 Name:  Philip Charles LaBerge


 Wife:  Lois Elaine Foster LaBerge

 Mother:  Leona Louise Meissner Foster




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               Meissner  Family Line


This page will soon describe the history of the Meissner family that emigrated
to Texas from Prussia.  The were part of a religious group called the Wends.
After arriving, they established a small community named Serbin near
Giddings which is 50 miles east of Austin.  The family then farmed in
Copperas Cove until 1898 (?) when they settled a farm in Midland.  They
established the first Lutheran church there.