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LaBerge Family




Jean de la Berge

B: about 1590

Normandy, France

D: about 1639

W: Jeanne le Coq

B: abt 1590

D: abt 1639



Jacques de la Berge

B: about 1612

Normandy, France

W: Marie Poitevin

B: abt 1916

Colomby-sur-Thaon, France





Robert de la Berge

B: 24 May 1638

Colomby-sur-Thaon, France

D: 31 Mar 1729

Château Richer, Québec

W: Françoise Gosse

St-Martin de Noyen, France

D: 08 Mar 1714

Beauport, Québec




Guillaume Laberge

B: 30 Apr 1674

L'Ange-Gardien, Québec

D: 31 Mar 1729

L'Ange-Gardien, Québec

W: Marie-Jeanne Quentin

B: 04 Aug 1678

L'Ange-Gardien, QC

D: 01 Dec 1749

L'Ange-Gardien, QC



Timothée Laberge

B: 24 Jul 1704

L'Ange-Gardien, Québec

D: 25 Feb 1772

Châteauguay, Québec

W: Marie-Anne Amelot

B: 30 Jan 1712

L'Ange-Gardien, QC

D: 26 Apr 1764

Châteauguay, Québec




Joseph Laberge

B: 22 Mar 1749

Montreal, Québec

D: 31 Dec 1790

Châteauguay, Québec

W: Marie Anne Boursier

B: 29 Nov 1749

Châteauguay, Québec

D: 07 Oct 1823

Châteauguay, Québec




Pierre Laberge

B: 12 Apr 1772

Châteauguay, Québec

D: 03 Dec 1834

Châteauguay, Québec

W: Claire Bro

B: 30 Jun 1772

Châteauguay, Québec




Pierre Laberge

B: 27 Nov 1794

Châteauguay, Québec

D: 13 Jul 1847

Châteauguay, Québec

W: Margurite Julien

B: abt 1805




Pierre Laberge

B: 5 Aug 1822

Châteauguay, Québec

D: 13 Jul 1894

Kansas City, Missouri
Photo Taken: 1890

W: Félicité Doumouchelle

B: 1820

Châteauguay, Québec

D:  01 Nov 1855

Châteauguay, Québec

W: Marie Hedwige Lewis

B: 19 Jul 1829

St. Antoine-sur-Riv, QC

D:  Nov 1905

Kansas City, KS
































Armand Pierre Samuel LaBerge

B: 11 Sep 1859

Châteauguay, Québec

D: 29 Mar 1925

Chicago, Illinois

W: Clara Minnesota Coloney

B: 16 Nov 1864

St. Louis, Missouri

D: 13 June 1931

Chicago, ILL































































































































Walter Coloney LaBerge

B: 05 May 1891

Chicago, Illinois

D: 02 May 1959

Pasadena, CA

W: Marie June Barber

B: 14 Oct 1892

Belvidere, ILL

D: Menlo Park, CA























































Dr. Walter Barber LaBerge

B: 29 Mar 1924

Chicago, Illinois

D: 16 Jul 2004

Aptos, California

W: Patricia Anne Sammon

B: 31 Jul 1925

River Forest, ILL

D: 20 Mar 1982

Aptos, CA

W: Elizabeth Ann Deeley

B: 04 Nov 1923

Waco, TX

D: 11 Feb 2003

Aptos, CA
















Philip Charles LaBerge

B: 2 Sept 1957

Palo Alto, California

W: Lois Elaine Foster

B: 23 June 1959

Midland, TX











 Name:  Philip Charles LaBerge


 Father:  Walter Barber LaBerge

 Mother:  Patricia Anne Sammon LaBerge




          LaBerge  Family Line




The mark of Jean de la Berge and his son Jacques de la Berge
dated March 21, 1639.







Artistic rendering of Robert de la Berge (meaning we really
don't know what he looked like.)  His face, however, bears a
surprising resemblance to many of us.)






Timothée Laberge was the first Laberge to leave L'Ange-Gardien and
settle in the area just south of Montréal in the town of St-Joachim de
Châteauguay which would become the town of Châteauguay.  Today,
largest concentration of Laberges are located in that area.  If you visit
the cemetery, there are hundreds of Laberges burried there.





1759: On July 31st, the English attacked at Québec at Beauport.  On August
29th, Maison Laberge was set on fire.  On November 29th, Charles laberge
died.  On December 20th, Jacques Laberge died who was the owner of
Maison Laberge.  While many Laberges in the Québec City area suffered
and perished that winter, the many Laberges in the Montréal area who were descendants of Timothée Laberge fared much better.




1762: France cedes Louisiana (everything west of the Mississippi north to
Canada) to Spain in the secret treaty of Fountainebleu.  A year later the
Treaty of Paris was signed officially ending the Seven Years War.



1776: The United States declare independence.




1808:  Joseph Marie Laberge leaves Asomption, Québec for St. Louis.  He
soon changed the spelling of his name from Laberge to LaBarge.


1813: On January 2nd, Joseph Marie LaBarge, the father of the famed
steamboat captain, Joseph LaBarge, fought in the battle of River Raisin,
also known at the Battle of Frenchtown.  It was the largest battle fought
on Michigan soil.  The battle was a major defeat for the Americans and and
was one of the bloodiest engagements during the War of 1812.  He fought on
the side of the Americans.

1815:  On October 1, 1815, Captain Joseph LaBarge is born in
St. Louis, Missouri.










1822: Pierre Laberge is born.  St Constant Birthplace of Armand Laberge.pdf

1825: At the age of 10 years old, the future Captain Joseph LaBarge met
the General Marquis de Lafayette when he visited St. Louis.

1830: On October 27th, Charles E. Coloney is born in St. Albans, Vermont.

1833: On May 13th, Antoine Laberge, Pierre's youngest brother was born.

1838: Jean Baptiste Laberge, The Patriot, is sentenced to death after the
rebellion.  His sentence is commuted and he is sent to prison in Australia.
1840:  Jean Baptiste Laberge, The Patriot, returns to Canada.

1846: On January 27th Pierre Laberge married Félicité Doumouchelle.  They had
seven children.

1855: On November 1st, Félicité Doumouchelle died.

1855-1857: Pierre Laberge is the first mayor of what was the new municipality
of St. Joachim de Châteauguay.

1858: On May 11, Minnesota is admitted as the 32nd state.  Charles E. Coloney
and Adelia Matthews had moved there from Akron, Ohio with their son,
Charles E. Coloney, Jr. 

   Charles E. Coloney & Adelia Matthews          Adelia Matthews


1858: On September 8th, Pierre Laberge married Marie Hedwige Lewis.

1859:  Captain Joseph Marie LaBarge teaches Abraham Lincoln how to navigate
a steamboat, The Emilie, on the Missouri River.

1861: In March 4th, Abraham Lincoln is elected.  On April 1st, the American
Civil War begins.

1864: On November 16th, Clara Minnesota Coloney is born in St. Louis, Missouri.
The family had recently moved from the recently admitted state of Minnesota.

1865:  On April 9th, the American Civil War ends.

1866-1867:  Michel Laberge explores the Yukon and then returns to live the
rest of his life in Châteauguay.
1872: Pierre Laberge along with his wife, son and three daughters by his
second marriage leave for St. Joseph, Missouri.
French Canadian Emigration to the United States: 1840-1930

1878: Photo below of Clara Minnesota Coloney at the age of 14 in St. Louis,


Clara Minnesota Coloney - 1878


1882: Tintype photo taken of Pierre Laberge in about 1882..










(Below) Antoine Laberge, Pierre's youngest

brother, was born on 13 May 1833 in

Châteauguay, Québec.  He was buried there

on 04 Dec 1912




















(L) Joseph Alphonse Trudel and Marie-Amelie (Mélina) Laberge, Armand's older step-sister. Mélina was the third child of Pierre Laberge

and Félicité Doumouchelle.  Félicité died on

01 Nov 1855 and Pierre married Marie Hedwige Lewis on 08 Sep 1858.  Armand Laberge was

the first of four children from that union.  It

should also be noted that Alphonse is a
direct descendant of Jean Trudelle.  It was
in Jean Trudelle's home on 18 Oct 1664
that the new parish of L'Ange-Gardien
was established and
Robert Laberge was
in attendance.
See the section below on
L'Ange-Gardien for the location of the Trudelle monument and it listing of the First Colonists. 
The photo was provided by Marie-Claire
Provost and her (late) mother, Mélina
(Marie-Amelie) Laberge, residents of
Valleyfield, QC.




1882: On 17 Jul 1882, Armand Laberge was commissioned as a Corporal 

1883: On 04 Sep 1883 he was commissioned as a Sergeant in that same
regiment.  It is unknown if the tintypes below were taken in 1882 or 1883
and the other men in the photos.  A reply from the State Historical Society of Missouri discusses the LaBerge family. StateHistoricalSocietyOfMissouri 
The following is a description by Walter LaBerge of recollections by his
Aunt Helene (Armand's sister).


Tintype photos of Armand LaBerge.
















1887:  Armand LaBerge leaves St. Joseph, Missouri for Chicago.



(R-L): Marie Hedwige Lewis

Laberge (wife of Pierre Laberge),

Marie-Ann (Virgie) Laberge,

portrait of Armand Laberge,

Marie Marguerite Rosa (Rose)

Laberge and Marie Hedwige

Laberge (daughter).


The portrait of son Armand Pierre Samuel Laberge was taken prior

about 1887 after Armand had left

St. Joseph, Missouri to work

in Chicago.




Picture taken of Rose Laberge in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Rose would later marry Matthew Osborne Cannfield (below)

in about 1888.  In Oct 1898 their son Bertrand was born. 

Late in 1899 they moved to Kansas City, Missouri.








Rose's younger sister Virgie, who had married
William C. Harris, later lived with Rose &
Matthew Canfield and helped raise their son
Bertrand. In 1933 at the age of 63, Virgie

married John Philip Duke (age 77).  In 1940
she visited Maywood and in 1941 Walter Coloney LaBerge went to Kansas City to close up her
affairs. She moved to Belvidere that year and
passed away in 1942.
























1890:  Armand Pierre Samuel LaBerge marries Clara Minnesota Coloney on
September 11, 1890 in Chicago, Ill.


Helene Marie LaBerge (Walter C's younger sister) was born
on 05 Dec 1892 in Chicago, Illinois.  She died on 13 Jan
1978 in San Diego, CA.  She was a librarian and never
married. She was a member of the Daughters of the
American Revolution along with her mother, Clara Minnesota

Coloney due to the Coloney line tracing back to the Parkers

who fought in the revolution in Rhode Island. Photo taken in






Family photo taken in

1935.  (L-R) Helene Marie,

Pierre Robert, Walter Barber,

Walter Coloney, Marie June
Barber, and Edward Coloney LaBerge.












Marie June Barber's father, Eddie Barber, was a conductor on the Chicago
& Northwestern Railroad.

At the age of 7 years old, Walter Barber LaBerge had the opportunity
to ride with him in the locomotive, shovel coal into the firebox and pull
the whistle while going 60 miles per hour.  It was one of the great thrills
of his life.  The other was flying in the SR-71 at over Mach 3.  Shown in
the photo is Walter in the cab of the locomotive.





Walter LaBerge flew in the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.  The plane is the fastest
plane in the world and he flew at an altitude of over 80,000 feet at a speed
of over Mach 3.






I am the 4th child of Walter Barber LaBerge and
Patricia Anne Sammon LaBerge.  On June 13, 2011,
I purchased Maison Laberge and am its proud owner.