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Artist's rendition of Robert de la Berge which appeared in volume 15
of Nos Ancetres written by Lebel & Saintonge.  It also appears in
the English translation called Our French-Canadian Ancestors by
Thomas J. Laforest.  Is is unknown what reference the artist used
to create the drawing




This web site is dedicated to the history of Robert de la Berge and
his many descendants living in Québec, throughout Canada, the United

States, and around the world.


Robert was born on May 24, 1638 in the small farming village of
Colomby-sur-Thaon, France located 10 km NNW of Caen.  At the age

of 9, his family moved to Saint-Julien parish in Caen. At the
age of 20, he left with his step-brother, Thomas Touchet, for Québec,
arriving there on August 6, 1658.


On May 28, 1663, Robert married the recently widowed Françoise Gosse.

Robert moved in with her in the house which her husband, Nicolas Durand
had built along with her one year old daughter, Marie-Ursule.


The house, which was originally built of wood timbers and had a stone
chimney was later expanded, burned by the English in 1759, rebuilt with

stone walls, and expanded again.


That house is the one we call  Maison Laberge


As a descendant on Robert de la Berge, I am proud to be the current
owner of Maison Laberge located 10 minutes from Vieux Québec in the
municipality of L'Ange-Gardien.


The Laberge family has a rich and fascinating history which includes

everyone with the name of La Berge or La Barge.

I encourage everyone to celebrate our family's history.



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